The evening started off with The Higgs, one of the up-and-coming jambands from Southern California. Named after the Higgs-Boson particle, also named the God Particle, and is said to contain the ingredient that is supposed to be responsible for giving particles their mass.  I’m not sure about giving particles their mass, but The Higgs gave the crowd a serious rise.  Their infectious grooves and accessible jams helped heat the old floors and walls on the chilly December evening by getting the crowd moving right off the bat. Led by singer/songwriter John Lovero, the jam heavy outfit wound their way through an opening set that showed their influences ranging from Yes to Herbie Hancock, Umphrey’s McGee to Col. Bruce Hampton, and everything in between.

Photos by Patrick Giblin.  Article by "Grateful Web"

The Higgs: Live at The Merry Jerry Christmas Jam, Fox Theater Pomona

The Higgs: Live at The Foothills Filmore

"It's time for the world to meet the Higgs, Southern California's psychedelic jam band sensation that is capturing the attention of concert goers everywhere.  They are the musical manifestation of the Higgs Boson particle, the cosmic glue that holds the whole show together."


 Photos by EarthMusic Photography. Article by Leslie Pitts. "Concert Photo Magazine"

The Higgs: Open for Kung Fu at The Mint

"Before Kung Fu performed, the Long Beach, California, based jamband The Higgs opened the show. They impressed the crowd with a set of trippy jams with strong elements of prog, alt-rock and reggae. Lead vocalist and guitarist John Lovero played creative solos reminiscent of jam legends like Anastasio, Casal and Herring. Keyboard wizard Jesse August Jennings also impressed with massive solos on his multiple sets of keyboards. These guys are on the rise.                                                                                                                                                      Andy J. Gordon, "" 

The HIggs Play Cervantes: The Other Side

“The Higgs present such an ease when it comes to layering and building their peak moments, dropping in and out of these moments effortlessly. The ability to ride these moments is the intangible difference between technically masterful musicians and masterful improvisers.”


Article by: The Space Fish

The Higgs: From Here to the Moon

"The beauty of The Higgs, as with any great band, is the remarkable balance of their sound. It flows freely from each member and swirls into a kinetic convergence .... When other bands boast about “melting faces,” it is often just wishful thinking. If The Higgs make this claim, there is no exaggeration."

Tyler Blue, "Crazy Horse Bar & Grill"

Spafford, The Higgs take long, strange trip to Tahoe

The Higgs are psyched for their return trip to Tahoe

The Higgs Play Cervantes: The Other Side

The Higgs to Open for Spafford on their Winter 2018 "For Amusement Only Tour"

CRAZY HORSE SALOON, Nevada City, CA 12.7.2017

The Higgs Play Cervantes:The Other Side