"Before Kung Fu performed, the Long Beach, California, based jamband The Higgs opened the show. They impressed the crowd with a set of trippy jams with strong elements of prog, alt-rock and reggae. Lead vocalist and guitarist John Lovero played creative solos reminiscent of jam legends like Anastasio, Casal and Herring. Keyboard wizard Jesse August Jennings also impressed with massive solos on his multiple sets of keyboards. These guys are on the rise.                                                                                                                                                      Andy J. Gordon, "Jambands.com" 

The Higgs: From Here to the Moon

"The beauty of The Higgs, as with any great band, is the remarkable balance of their sound. It flows freely from each member and swirls into a kinetic convergence .... When other bands boast about “melting faces,” it is often just wishful thinking. If The Higgs make this claim, there is no exaggeration."

Tyler Blue, "Crazy Horse Bar & Grill"

Spafford, The Higgs take long, strange trip to Tahoe

"...Southern California jammers The Higgs set the tone with an energetic hour that consisted of exactly three stretched out tunes. Since making their CBC debut in the Red Room last May, it was clear that they’ve been hard at work honing their skills, and they were a tight cohesive foursome looking comfortable breaking off into their respective solo sections and revving up the crowd for the main event.  Based on the shouts and high fives they were besieged by following their set, they earned some new fans, as well."

Michael Smyth, "Tahoe Onstage"

The Higgs are psyched for their return trip to Tahoe

"Since their debut in the Crystal Bay Club’s Red Room last May, jam band The Higgs have been hard at work in Southern California to prepare for an opportunity.  Monday, they’ll return to the shores of Lake Tahoe on their Ready To Launch Tour, opening for Spafford ... The Higgs take influence from rock and jazz and acknowledge that they’re happy to be associated with the jam-band scene. But it’s really about creating dance music that takes their fans on an adventure at their shows. Lovero sees the five dates opening for Spafford as a great chance to connect with some new fans."

 - Michael Smyth, "Tahoe Onstage"

Rocking Crystal Bay Casino - Crown Room

Rocking Crystal Bay Casino - Crown Room

The Higgs to Open for Spafford on their Winter 2018 "For Amusement Only Tour"

Spafford Reveals Support Bands For 2018 Winter Tour

"The Higgs will join the party on the West Coast with shows in Solana Beach, Santa Barbara, Crystal Bay, Missoula, and Boise; while Spafford carries the torch through San Rafael, Crystal Bay, Bend, Bellingham, Salt Lake City, Aspen, Steamboat Springs, Frisco, and Winter Park."

 - Kendall Deflin, "Live For Live Music"

CRAZY HORSE SALOON, Nevada City, CA 12.7.2017

"When it comes to scintillating debuts at the Crazy Horse, The Higgs were pretty high up on the scale. Their show on December 2, 2017 was full throttle sonic journey through many awe-inspiring soundscapes. Mad scientist of the keyboards - Jesse August Jennings was often the one pushing things further into uncharted waters.

 As with a band that strives for excellence, The Higgs are an expertly balanced unit where each musician contributes a powerful and thoughtful voice to the whole.  Over the course of their Crazy Horse debut on Dec. 2, 2017, The Higgs sprung forth with fresh ideas around every corner. Their original compositions were a springboard for beautiful improvisation."

-Tyler Blue, "Crazy Horse Saloon Booking Agent"